When we acknowledge something, it becomes the gift of knowledge for someone else. In the classroom, this usually plays out as assessment. We acknowledge what students know or don't know or we acknowledge how students are behaving or misbehaving. In this case, another word for acknowledgement is assessment. Through assessment we give ourselves and our students the gift of knowledge.

Recently I was in an assessment academy, and in their definition an assessment should inspire hope. This resonated with me like a mallet hitting a gong. It reverberated through my soul. I have not had the experience that assessment has inspired hope. In this revelation I realized that we (the big society we) aren't looking at knowledge as acknowledgement. When we acknowledge what students don't know, we aren't giving them the knowledge of what they do know. And if we spend a majority of our time acknowledging their intellectual ability, we aren't acknowledging the things that make them human - their capacity for love and growth and joy. We haven't given our students the gift of knowledge of what makes them whole.

I'm going to go for the gold here and say that we probably aren't assessing ourselves or others in our lives in a way that inspires hope either. I know I don't acknowledge myself for the love that I put into my work, nor do I do a great job of acknowledging my daughters or my teammates or my friends. I don't give the gift of knowledge to these humans that make my life fabulous and joyful.

Acknowledgement doesn't have to be all sunshine and kittens and rainbows. It could be acknowledging a failure with an emphasis on how to get better next time. I could say to my daughter, "Sorry you are grounded because you threw your i-Pad at me. I know that you were upset and we can work together to make sure this doesn't happen again." Now she has the knowledge of my support and love, and she has hope for the next time she's faced with anger.

Just for fun this month, give the gift of knowledge to yourself and to others. Add a square to your to-do list that is "build knowledge by acknowledging." Physically write down these acknowledgements - even the ones to yourself - so that people can tangibly hold knowledge and hope in their hands.

I acknowledge this community for the passion and excitement it builds for education. Your ability to listen to my ideas and hold space for them in your heart fills me with hope.



All the LOVE to our 1st Vanguardian of the Flame!

Annie Mitchell

  • Vanguard Emeritus Cohort I
  • Economics Teacher at Bendwood

Vanguardian of the Flame is a new annual honor that is bestowed upon an Emeritus fellow that has exemplified the Vanguard ways of being a green dot, sharing their learning and practice, and leading themselves and others. The name Vanguardian was created penned by Robert Dantzler, Cohort IV fellow and we are very grateful to him for sharing this term with this community.

Congratulations to Annie Mitchell for leading the way in guarding the flame that is Vanguard!

Happy Birthday!

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