The beginning of anything can be an opportunity to let go of what was however it was and to create something new. The writing below by Nancy Perry called to mind the realization that the pursuit of perfection is endless and that the most anyone can do at any point in time is their best. And, someone's best will look different depending on context (Don Miguel Ruiz The Four Agreements). As you transition from semester 1 to semester 2, from 2019 to 2020, or from Vanguard fellow into the next phase of your educator journey if it serves you to get complete with something(s), do it. This will likely provide you with a sense of freedom and enable you to move forward into the new with power and ease :)

Instead of aiming or for the things you do to be perfect, be committed to leaving them complete. Choosing to leave something complete takes more skill than trying to leave it perfect.

Perfect is an impossible goal that could leave you over-working on something forever. Complete has a beautiful imperfection in it because it requires using your senses, your intuition, and your gift of choice.

Being complete comes as a result of giving yourself fully to what you are doing, and knowing that you have done your best. Being complete means having the courage to acknowledge what didn’t work and still having the faith and enthusiasm for the future.

Being complete requires sensing and trusting the natural timing of things. You get to be complete whenever you choose to. You can be complete with a day, complete with a task, complete with a relationship, complete with your past, or complete with a conversation no matter how “perfectly” they went.

Complete is self-generated. Perfect is measured by external attachments. As you sense it’s time to bring something to a close, simply check in with yourself and see what is required for it to feel 100 percent complete for you. It may be to appreciate yourself or someone else. It may be to communicate something that hasn’t been communicated. It may be to forgive yourself or someone else, or play a song, or get someone a gift. If you check in and listen, you’ll know. ~Nancy Perry (9/15/2017)

Welcome Aboard Cohort V!

Happy Birthday!

Roldan Moreno (6th)

Candase Charles (10th)

Gail Dunn (23rd)

Sarah Chu (26th)

Mark Your Vanguard Calendars!

VanLearning Day - Onboarding Day!

It's that time again! Let's come together one last time in the 19-20 school year on January 17 from 12:30 - 3:30 pm. We will...

    • do some vanlearning, 📚
    • Welcome Cohort V💐,
    • and, celebrate Cohort II as they either move into Emeritus or complete their 3 year Vanguard journey! 🎉

Click here to register. Per usual, Ed Tech is covering your sub.

EdCamp Spring Branch

Don't miss the 5th annual Edcamp Spring Branch! Join in on sharing and learning on at the Technology Training Center (TTC) January 18 from 8-11:30 am.

Register on Eventbrite.

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Vanlearning Online

Thank you to everyone that provided feedback on the time and day Vanlearning Online offerings! The most popular requests were to add a later time and a day other than Wednesday. So... we did both! We will send video chat links in a separate email.

SHIFT Series

This is a 2nd offering of this series on a new day and time.

Session 1/4 - Thursday, January 9 at 8:30-9:10 pm

Session 2/4 -Thursday, January 16 at 8:30-9:10 pm

Session 3/4 -Thursday, January 23 at 8:30-9:10 pm

Session 4/4 - Thursday, January 30 at 8:30-9:10 pm

Click here to register.

NEW series - Show UP!

The Shift series is a required pre-requisite for this series.

Session 1/4 - Thursday, March 5 at TBA

Session 2/4 -Thursday, March 12 at TBA

Session 3/4 -Thursday, March 26 at TBA

Session 4/4 - Thursday, April 2 at TBA

Look for registration information in a future Vanmonthly.

Vanguard Virtual Community Circles

Time and distance of the 2 biggest barriers to the work of the Vanguard Fellowship! To overcome these barriers we are now hosting 30 minute share and listen conversations conducted via video chat. There will be 2 sessions hosted on each of the days listed below to accommodate schedules. To protect the virtual room space, the links and session passwords will be sent via email. You can attend one or both... it is up to you. The benefit of attending both is that you may be able to connect with different people each time. We are very excited about his new offering! We hope you find it convenient and meaningful to your learning journey as a Vanguard Fellow.

  • October 24 - 4 pm or 7 pm Complete:)
  • November 14 - 4 pm or 7 pm Complete:)
  • December 12 - 7 pm only Complete:)
  • February 20 - 4 pm or 7 pm
  • March 26 - 4 pm or 7 pm
  • April 16 - 4 pm or 7 pm

Twitter Chats

We will continue the great interaction, connection, and conversation with our community Twitter chats. Join in on the Vanguard Twitter chat fun at #sbvanchat at the following dates and times!


October 28, 7-8 p.m. Complete:)

    • Topic: Authentic Learning Experiences - Why, How, and What
    • Moderators - Melanie Marshall & Maria Luna

January 20, 7-8 p.m.

    • Topic: I'm Vanguard. Now what?
    • Moderator: Gail Dunn

April 20, 7-8 p.m.

    • Topic: TBD
    • Moderators: Jeanette Choy & Sarah Chu

Future Vanguard Social Events

"Don't Let the Door Hit Ya" Party!

When & Where: Thursday, May 21 at 4:30 pm; Location: Buffalo Wild Wings - 9435 Katy Freeway