What happens when you ask Vanguard Fellows to design their fantasy classroom? A VANtasy is born! 

In the summer before the 2016-17 school year, we asked our Vanguard Fellows to dream big and submit a proposal to redesign their classroom. We quickly realized that we couldn't magically grant their VANtasies, but would need to refine our process. 

Using the design thinking process, we are asking a group of our Vanguard Fellows to create a pocket of innovation in their classroom to pilot flexible seating options. This will allow us to test furniture that meets safety and durability guidelines, and to create and test ideas that can be scaled.  Share our journey with us as we work to design classrooms that work for students!
Design Thinking

Design thinking is a process where dreams or challenges are identified and solutions are found through thoughtful and intentional planning. Most start with the identification of the need for change. From there the designer follows steps to help her take her dream or challenge and turn it into a relevant and working solution. 
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Our VANTasy Design Thinkers

Vantasy Tools:

An overview of our timeline:

Early Iterations

Many of our team found such inspiration when creating their VANtasy proposal that they couldn't wait to get started, and began some testing in their classrooms. They have shared their early thoughts below: